Showcase your work.
Earn rewards.

OpenSource is a decentralized, voluntary peer-to-peer payment ecosystem for content creators and contributors.

Showcase your work. Earn crypto rewards.

It's not about the money...
But it doesn't hurt.

As content creators, we are passionate about our work and we do it because we love it, not because it makes us rich. The OpenSource community was created to allow passionate creators to get rewarded for their effort by anyone who wants to show their appreciation.

Earn rewards for your contributions

Earn Interest

As you earn more OpenSource, you will earn more interest on your holdings. This is paid in B-USD (Binance US Dollar Token), which is a crypto token forever pegged to the value of the US Dollar.

Showcase Work

You can showcase your work on your OpenSource profile. Highlight your code contributions, art work, music, writing, or any other content you are passionate about sharing with the world.


OpenSource will allow you to connect and collaborate with fellow content creators. A tool to find fellow creators with shared interests is integral to the growth of the OpenSource community.


Your OpenSource tokens are on the Binance Smart Chain, which is a trusted blockchain network handling billions of dollars in transactions per day globally. The token and it's underlying code have been audited by several third parties to ensure it's safety and security from top to bottom.


Everyone with an OpenSource profile will have access to a personalized dashboard where they can see their holdings, rewards, and redeem those rewards for other cryptocurrencies or merchandise.


Thanks to the blockchain, it is easy and transparent to see which creators get rewarded by the most people. Long term, you can use this reputation to your advantage when bidding on a new gig.

How does it work?

OpenSource Members:
If you are a content creator of any kind (coder, musician, artist, etc), create a profile on OpenSource. Add work to your showcase, and anyone with OpenSource tokens who appreciates your work can send some to your wallet.

Add your OpenSource profile link to any of your social profiles so that people can show their appreciation!

The purpose of OpenSource token is to generate passive income for it's holders. Passionate creators who do great work in less-than-lucrative industries should be able to pursue their craft without worrying about what their parents might think about their financial decisions. As you pass certain milestones, you will earn NFT badges to commemorate the occasion!

5% of every transaction made with OpenSource token is distributed back to OpenSource Token holders in the form of BUSD (US Dollar coin).
You can see detailed Tokenomics on our pre-sale page.

The more OpenSource you hold, the more BUSD you earn in rewards any time a transaction occurs, simple as that.

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Who is this for?

Does your work belong in an OpenSource showcase?
All creators are welcome, but here are some types of creators that OpenSource can empower:


Communities like Dribble an Unsplash have created a great place to share design work. UX and Product designers can showcase their work or link external profiles on OpenSource and earn rewards for their efforts.


We can't all be signed to Sony Records, it's the unfortunate truth of the industry. That doesn't stop us from jamming out and creating killer tunes for the world. OpenSource provides a simple place to host your music and get rewarded by your biggest fans.

Mom and dad.


Film is a cultural staple that grossly under-appreciates it's hardest workers. Share your film projects on OpenSource and earn the rewards you deserve for your work.

1st in effort, 1st in rewards, 189th in the credits


OpenSource is a word that is familiar to coders. Some of the most valuable code projects used today are maintained by a community of engineers who do their work for free. OpenSource token was created with these people at the core of it's vision.

Too often, "full time job" commitments get in the way of contributing to open-source code projects. OpenSource token provides an incentive to keep these projects growing without worrying about financial opportunity cost.


As with most creative industries, getting your work out there is hard. Getting paid for it is even harder. Passionate writers can share their work on OpenSource and use this platform to share their work with the world and get paid for their contributions to literary culture.


Podcasts have exploded in popularity in the last decade, and it has never been easier to start a podcast of your own. Getting your content out there can be difficult, and OpenSource provides a platform to share your episodes and get rewarded when listeners love your work.